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Teachers don’t really take the summer off during school break. While students are on vacation, teachers need to hone their craft, study a new curriculum, and prepare for the next batch of students they’ll handle. Most of them also go to school so they can achieve career growth. There are others who spend their own money improving their classrooms to make them more conducive for kids to learn. And then there’s the back to school teacher survival kit, which they will need to deal with the new school year.



Food and Water

Like in any emergency kit, your back to school teacher survival kit should have food and water. You don’t need heavy kinds of food since you can always grab a bite from the school cafeteria. But during those hectic times when you can’t get a decent meal, you’ll be glad you have energy bars and other healthy snacks in your teacher survival kit.

The Clif Bar protein bars come in a variety of flavors so you won’t tire of them easily. Most impotrtantly, each energy bar is filled with protein, fiber and carbs that are necessary for you to last a whole day at school.

You need you’re 8 glasses of water each day. Sometimes, things can get so darn crazy at school that you forget to take even a sip of water. Make sure you don’t forget by packing your own and taking your water bottle anywhere you go. It’ll come in handy when you’re voice suddenly goes hoarse while you’re talking to the class.

The LifeFactory BPA-free water bottle is made of glass so you’re getting that pure water taste every sip. It is wrapped in a silicone sleeve for better grip and to protect the glass from breaking. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe, which is good news for busy teachers.


Hand Sanitizer

Before partaking of your meals or snacks, you need to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. If that’s not an option, use a hand sanitizer instead.

Remember, you’re dealing with lots of students and sometimes even the parents. Don’t assume that they’re all fine since they’re at school. In fact, many people send their kids to school even if they are sick.

You can’t afford to catch a cold, flu or whatever contagious virus they have. Inform the parents of your kids that it’s okay to be absent from school if they are sick. You should always have a hand sanitizer in your back to school survival kit.

The Germ-X Moisturizing Aloe Hand Sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria in as fast as 15 seconds. Any Math teacher will agree that those are pretty good numbers.


Extra Clothes

You never know what might happen at school so always be ready by having an extra set of clothes in your back to school teacher survival kit.

Stay sharp even after you trusty pen leaves an ugly ink stain on your shirt or when you accidentally spill coffee on your clothes.

Aside from an extra set, you should also have some weather appropriate ones like a jacket when it gets too cold and a lightweight shirt when the AC conks out. A raincoat and a pair of rain boots will come in handy when the sky starts pouring. Since we’re at it, pack a folding umbrella in your teacher survival kit, as well.


Adhesive Tape

You may need more than one kind of adhesive tape for your back to school teacher survival kit. And no, you’re not going to use them to silence noisy students.

Each kind of tape corresponds to specific tasks. Scotch tape is best for when you don’t want the tape to be visible like on book covers. It’s also best for removing lint from your suit.

If you need to stick something temporarily, masking tape or painter’s tape will do. Use it to hang decorations from the ceiling, stick a poster to the wall, or to cover areas you don’t want to get paint on.

Of course, there’s the ever reliable duct tape. It’s great for reattaching the soles to your shoes, fixing holes on your bag, bundling cords, bringing astronauts back to Earth, and other quick repair jobs. 3M is well-known in the industry and its multi-use duct tape is definitely one you should consider.

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Correction Tape

Teachers aren’t perfect no matter how awesome they seem. The good thing about them is that they know how to correct their mistakes. And if that certain mistake is putting the wrong grades on your report card, you’ll be glad that a back to school teacher survival kit includes a correction tape.

Teachers will need a correction tape since they can’t afford to leave their mistakes, well, uncorrected, especially if we’re talking about official documents.

The AmazonBasics Correction Tape utilizes the company’s own mini-roller head technology and a top-winding application that allows easier and smoother application.  It has 32.8 feet of correction tape that doesn’t need to be dried after application, which is a good thing since teachers really can’t afford wasting precious time.



Extension Cords

These days, there are different ways you can teach a class. Back then it was blackboards and chalks and then slide projectors. Now, you have smartphones, tablets, and laptops. With all these electronic devices, you need more power sources in case you or someone in the class needs to charge.

As mentioned, many teachers spend their own money for stuff needed in the classroom. If what’s missing is somewhere to plug in your devices, might as well include a powerstrip or extension cord in your back to school teacher survival kit.

The Anker PowerPort Strip 3 is equipped with 3 AC outlets and 3 USB charging ports so you can charge up to 6 different gadgets at the same time. The PowerIQ USB ports utilize Anker’s state-of-the-art charging technology, which lets you charge 30% faster than stock chargers.

If you’re using your laptop to present a lesson in class, for example, you’re confident that it will stay safe even if the power suddenly goes out. That’s because it comes with advanced surge and overload protection. This impressive powerstrip also has a fire-resistant casing, a safety switch, and a child-friendly safety shutter.


First Aid Kit

Your school clinic will definitely have one but it would do you good to have your own first aid kit. With that many students at school, the school nurse will probably be too busy.

If you have your own first aid kit and you’ve undergone basic first aid training, which you should since you’re a teacher, then you can attend to an injured student yourself. Just be sure to inform the nurse immediately in case the student needs further medical attention.

Your teacher survival kit should also include medicines. Headaches are quite common in adults dealing with hundreds of children each day. Aspirin or lavender essential oil may do the trick.

Regardless of your gender, a pack of sanitary pads would be a useful thing in your teacher survival kit. If you’re a female teacher, use it when it’s that time of the month. Pack extra in case any of your female students need an assist. In medical emergencies, you can use sanitary pads as wound dressings.

The Medical Kit Pro pictured above was initially made for Yosemite mountain guides. If these first aid kits are good enough for mountain climbing, it should be great for school.

Each kit includes 62 medical items including different kinds of bandages, trauma pad to stop profuse bleeding, pre-cut moleskin for burns and blisters, a CPR face shield and pocket mask, a C-Splint for fractures and sprains, medicines, splinter picker, EMT shears, emergency reflective blanket, and others.

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Flashlight with Extra Batteries

A flashlight, particularly the tactical kind, should be in everyone’s survival kit. In fact, it should be among your EDC or everyday carry.

There are times when you have to spend extra hours at school and it’s already dark when you start heading home. A tactical flashlight would be great for lighting up the way and for defending yourself in case you encounter a threat.

Survival Frog’s mini rechargeable tactical flashlight is the perfect everyday carry. It fits in your pocket or you can keep it in your bag. The 130 lumens flashlight also has a 250 lumens flood light sidebar. Its 400 mAh battery only needs 3 to 5 hours to charge, which is possible through a USB to Mini-USB charging cord that comes with the set.


Pocket Knife/Multi-tool or Toolkit

In most states, knives with blades measuring 3 inches and below are allowed to be carried around. There are limitations, though. You can’t bring them inside planes, courts, and buildings that forbid them, like schools. Click here to know the knife laws in your state.

It does seem strange to bring a pocket knife to school but it is something that should be in your teacher survival kit. Check with your superiors if this is allowed. Generally, it’s banned in public schools but some private schools may allow their teachers to bring multi-tools or pocket knives. If you are not allowed to bring them inside school premises, leave it in your car or with the school security.

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A multi-tool or a small toolkit is more likely to get the go signal since you may need it for emergency repairs inside the classroom. When something breaks down and you can easily do the repairs with the right tools, then you don’t have to bother the janitor anymore.

The popular Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool has the best chance to be allowed at school since it is not considered a weapon. The one pictured above features 15 different tools including a couple of blades, two screwdrivers, a wood saw, scissors, wire stripper, reamer, bottle opener, can opener, tweezers, toothpick, corkscrew, multi-purpose hook, and a key ring.



Teaching is hard enough as it is. The key to a smother new school year is preparation like it is with any other task or endeavor.  As such, you need to prepare your back to school teacher survival kit to increase your chances of being more prepared to deal with new challenges. You’ll also be more equipped to prepare young dreamers to fulfil their aspirations in life.

Follow the Gentleman Pirate Club for more tips on what you’ll need for the new school year. There are tons of survival tips that you can apply at school, as well.

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