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Every person who ever thought about living off their land should not only focus on farming, gathering and hunting but also consider raising animals on their property.  A homestead wouldn’t be complete without chickens wandering around your backyard so it makes total sense to take a look at these amazing chicken coop ideas below. With these in mind, you can properly plan how to raise chickens at your homestead.

Chickens are the perfect animals to raise at home because they provide you with so much. Not only do you get a regular supply of eggs and chicken meat, chickens also help keep the soil healthy for your herbs and crops to thrive. Raising chickens let you save up on money. Store-brought eggs and poultry meat are expensive compared to home-grown ones. Chicken poop, meanwhile, make for great and free organic fertilizer. Chickens also make great pets

The production of your chickens depend on how you treat them. Give them a good life by providing them with quality feeds, enough water, and a proper chicken coop. The chicken coop ideas below are just a few of the designs that will help keep your chickens happy and healthy.


What You Need for Your Chicken Coop

Before proceeding with your chicken coop ideas, you need to understand the following factors for your chicken coop to succeed:

  • Chickens need a large enough space for them to roam around.
  • Chicken coops should be well-ventilated and draft-free.
  • Chicken coops should not only be able to keep the chickens in but also keep predators out.
  • A Chicken coop should protect the animals from the elements.
  • Good drainage is important in keeping the chicken coop clean and sanitized.


Chicken Coop Ideas You Should Try

Hotel Eggcelsior

Hotel Excelsior this is not but if you fancy your chickens staying in some fine place, build them something like a five-star hotel for hens. The Hotel Eggcelsior is perhaps one of the craziest chicken coop ideas here. Like with many high-end hotels, the Eggcelsior should have plenty of space for the chickens to move around.  A 6 x 8 foot interior should be enough to keep the ladies comfortable.

As for the exterior, you’ll need to release our inner Bob Ross and paint the chicken coop to look like an actual hotel. The one in the photo even used corrugated sheet to add to its fancy look.


Beer Can Chicken Coop

Who doesn’t love having a cold can of beer after a day of hard work? Make good use of the empty cans by using them as shingles for what could be the most interesting of all chicken coop ideas listed here. Attach the cans to the wall of your chicken coop to provide additional protection from the elements. Treehugger shows you how a chicken coop with beer can shingles was made.

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Hobbit Home for Hens

Among the chicken coop ideas in this list, none can be as fanatical as this The Hobbit inspired one. This chicken coop is made to look similar to the homes of the hobbits in the shire.


Elizabeth Coop

If you have around 20 hens that are already in their full size, a simple chicken coop would not suffice. You need chicken coop ideas that go beyond the norm. This Elizabeth chicken coop with bump out option is ideal for such a predicament.


Green Roof Coop

A house with green roof simply means the roof is covered with vegetation. To be clear, the house hasn’t been overrun by wild plants and vines. The roof itself is the medium for the plant to grow on.


The most environment-friendly of the chicken coop ideas listed here, the living roof coop is also the perfect solution for the lack of space. If you don’t have ample space in your backyard for a chicken coop and a garden, why not combine both. The chicken coop will have a green roof here you can plant your herbs and vegetables.

There are a lot of things that factor in when it comes to raising chickens at home. Fortunately, man has not run out of creative chicken coop ideas that not only add a little wackiness to your homestead but also deals with particular issues and needs.

In case, you are not impressed with the chicken coop ideas here, please share with us what you think is the best one there is. And if you’re looking for anything and everything about raising chickens, you’ve come to the right pace. Go to The Gentleman Pirate and read about raising chickens.


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