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First time away from home? Don’t worry too much. Being away from the family and having your own place while in college will teach you a lot of things. Dorm living will teach you some valuable life lessons such as being independent, responsible, sociable, and to cohabit with another person. But one particular aspect about dorm life is making your own decisions. To start off, you can decide on what dorm room essentials you are going to use.



AmazonBasics 400 Thread Count Sheet Set

College life should be fun but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stay up all night every night partying. You also have to study and get ready for life after college. At the same time, you shouldn’t bury your face in a book as you pull an all-nighter.

It’s important to get enough rest to get your mind and body ready for the next day. What better way to get some sleep than on a handsome looking set of bed linen.

AmazonBasics 400 Thread Count Sheet Set is made of 100% cotton and comes in a radiant sateen finish. Each set of these dorm room essentials includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and a couple of pillowcases, except for the Twin set, which includes only one pillowcase. It is available in five different sizes particularly Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King.

People with bubbly personalities generally would prefer vibrant colors. While bright red, orange and yellow will give your dorm room some life and energy, it won’t do you good when it’s time to get some shuteye. Red, for example, works well in living room or dining room but not the bedroom or, in this case, the dorm room.

Stick to earth colors such as white, black, and gray. You can never go wrong with a neutral color scheme for your dorm room. Just hold back on the black. You’re in a dorm room not in some creepy underground chamber meant for sacrifices.

The AmazonBasics Queen-sized 400 Thread Count Dark Gray Sheet Set retails for only $36.42


AmazonBasics Portable Air Conditioner with Remote

If you’re lucky, your dorm room has air conditioning. If there isn’t, you’ll be forced to go out and find somewhere cool to rest, study or just hang out. If this is the case in your dorm then this particular back-to-school deal from Amazon will greatly interest you.

The portable air conditioner from AmazonBasics is perfect for dorm rooms no larger than 550 square feet. This energy efficient air conditioner comes with rolling caster wheels and side-grip handles so you can easily bring it with you in case you get kicked out from your dorm.

Such remote controlled dorm room essentials are also equipped with an LED display, adjustable air flow vents, and a venting kit. It comes with three speed and cooling settings, and an automatic timer.

The AmazonBasics Portable Air Conditioner normally retails for $399.99. Thanks to Amazon’s back-to-school deals, you can have it for only $319.99.


AmazonBasics 6-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip

Back in the day, college students had to make do with pen and paper. Then came typewriters and later, desktop computers. Now you can do all your school stuff on laptops, tablets, and smartphones. With all these devices, it’s not enough to just have the wall sockets in your room.

Power strips are now dorm room essentials since you will need the extra sockets to charge your phone and laptop while you’re using portable air conditioner, desk lamp, and whatever electrical device you have.

The AmazonBasics power strip with surge protector pictured above comes with six outlets. The 14 AWG power cord measures two feet, which should be long enough for a dorm room, especially if you’re sharing the space. It also features a 14-gauge system and 200-Joule, three-line, surge-suppression rating, which keeps all your plugged-in gadgets safe in case of power outages and storms.

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Top Ramen Rapid Microwave Cooker

Some college dormitories allow microwave ovens, toasters, blenders and other small appliances. This is good news for students who don’t have the time to whip out a real complete meal in the morning. You can simply pop in your food in these mini appliances and wait for a few minutes to have something to eat.

The Top Ramen Rapid Microwave Cooker lets you enjoy a hot bowl of ramen in as fast as two minutes, three tops. To use these dorm room essentials, you just have to place the noodle in the rapid cooker and add half of the seasoning. Fill it with water then cook in the microwave for two to three minutes and you’re done.



AmazonBasics 3-Tier Metal Rolling Storage Cart and Organizer

As mentioned, college prepares you for the real life. As early as now, you need to be organized so you won’t be in total disarray once you have your own place and own bills to pay. One of the many dorm room essentials that can help inspire you be organized is this 3-tier storage cart also from AmazonBasics.

This modern style rolling organizer features a steel metal frame with three roomy bin-style shelves to keep your stuff from falling like your grades. Each tall shelf can carry up to 20 pounds. It has four PVC caster wheels, two of which can be locked. It’s capable of carrying a total of 60 pounds. That means you can’t ride it down the hallway.

AmazonBasics 3-Tier Metal Rolling Storage Cart and Organizer can be had for a shade over $30. That’s 28% down from its regular price of $41.58, thanks to Amazon’s amazing back-to-school deals.



AmazonBasics DSN-02950 Mesh Desk Organizer

For smaller items such as pens and other school supplies, you can keep them in a mesh desk organizer. It’s colored black so it goes well with your neutral-themed dorm room. Amazon happens to be offering these dorm room essentials for $6.62 at the moment. That’s 26% off the regular price of $8.99.


Smart Design 5-Tier Smart Carousel Organizer w/ 40 Pockets & Steel Metal Hook

Show some respect to your roommate by not leaving your stinky shoes anywhere in the room. Even if you live alone, you should still organize your footwear. The Smart Design 5-Tier Smart Carousel Organizer comes with forty pockets where you can keep your shoes and other stuff.


Seward Trunk Wheeled Footlocker

As you probably realize by now, organization is an important facet of dorm life. You may want to have a trunk or chest to keep all your valuable stuff or anything else that you don’t want your roommate to see.

This wooden storage trunk comes with a heavy gauge vinyl covering along with a couple of recessed wheels for easy transporting. Perhaps most importantly, the Seward trunk has nickel closure and a key locking hasp with loop so you can lock your things in the trunk. Also, it doubles as a small table.

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AmazonBasics Wall Mounted Coat Rack

Your mom will not be around to pick up all your dirty clothes. You should be responsible enough to put your dirty laundry in the hamper and hang the ones you’re still going to wear.

The Wall Mounted Coat Rack from AmazonBasics comes with three hooks, which can carry up to five pounds each. The wood base is available in five different finishes, particularly barnwood, espresso, natural, walnut, and white.


Night Caddy Deluxe Bedside Organizer

In small spaces such as a dorm room, you can’t afford to have a side table. This is particularly true if you have bunk beds. Still, wouldn’t it be nice if you have somewhere to put your phone, book and even a drink while you’re in bed?

The Night Caddy Deluxe Bedside Organizer lets you do those things and more. It allows you to charge two gadgets at the same time thanks to the 5V dual USB charger and six foot, 120V U.S. power cord.


College life is perhaps the best moments of your life. It’ll also be one of the most challenging. That doesn’t mean you have to spend college in an ugly disorganized room. Avail of the listed dorm room essentials along with other products to keep your room as homey as the one you had back in the homestead.


Check out Gentleman Pirate Club to see more products you can use for your dorm room. You can also read up on survival tips, which may come in handy while you’re living away from home.

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