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The easiest and safest way to find buried treasure is not to become a pirate like you dreamed of when you were just a little kid. The best bet is to invest on metal detectors that will make it easy for you to find booty both on land and water.

Some of the metal detectors in this list do exactly that – find treasure under water. Others are more effective on land and maybe a little bit in wet condition. Whatever your needs or plans are, you must have the right metal detector to do the job.

Teknetics Delta 4000

The Teknetics Delta 4000 is one of the best metal detectors for beginners. It’s quite easy to use yet offers high-tech features that make you think you’ve already scored a treasure. The Delta 4000 is equipped with a huge LCD screen that doesn’t look complicated or even messy.

This Teknetics treasure finder has a volume control, multiple Notch system, a Pinpoint Mode with numerical depth indicator, real-time bar graph that tells the depth, and Target-ID numbers, which tell what metal you have found.

The Delta 4000’s other main draws are its accuracy and its ability to find stuff about a foot below the surface thanks to its 11-inch concentric searchcoil. The Overload Alert feature, meanwhile, alerts you to a large target.

The Teknetics Delta 4000 is a little on the expensive side at $488.82, which is understandable considering all the impressive features. Still, it is one of the best metal detectors for beginners, especially those with some cash to spare.

Garrett AT Pro

Pirates supposedly buried their treasure in isolated islands or hid them in caves. However, if you have the Garrett AT Pro, you’ll be amazed to find booty under water. Of all metal detectors in this list, the Garrett AT Pro is the best one to use while submerged in up to ten feet of water.

The AT Pro comes with a Digital Target ID, which can climb up to 99 depending on the potential value of the buried treasure. This all-terrain Garrett can also identify iron (up to 40 levels) pretty well making it easier for you to distinguish treasure from trash.

The Garrett AT Pro is also expensive at $552.45 but its ability to find valuables will make it a great investment.

Fisher F22

The Fisher F22 is another metal detector that works well in any terrain or condition. It also comes with features that are normally found on high end metal detectors. The weatherproof F22 can effectively search for a depth of nine inches Once it finds something, it will tell you how deep it is so it’s easier to dig your potential buried treasure out. The F22 can also identify what it detects in the ground through its nine-segment visual along with the numerical target ID.

Perhaps the main issue with the Fisher 22 is its inability to work well under water. It also doesn’t have an adjustable ground balance.

The Fisher F22 costs $219 on Amazon right now, which makes it a good investment.

Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV

People unfamiliar with metal detectors will find the Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV as a good one to start their treasure hunting career. It works well in different conditions and can detect gold, silver, aluminum, brass, steel and iron up to eight inches beneath the surface.

The reason why this Bounty Hunter metal detector is so affordable at only $99.99 is its non-digital display. Most hunters would prefer a digital one but the knob interface is easy enough to use. It also comes with a discrimination mode so you it’s easier to focus your search. Another plus for the TK4 Tracker IV is that it can be submerged in shallow water.

Bounty Hunter Quick Draw Pro

The Bounty Hunter Quick Draw Pro is another one of the more affordable metal detectors that are great for newbies. Aside from the price, the other main draws for the Quick Draw Pro are its accuracy and ease of use. It sports an LCD display, which makes it easier for beginners. It can also pinpoint objects thanks to its 10-inch concentric coil. The Quick Draw Pro can also detect objects as deep as nine inches.

This Bounty Hunter detector is equipped with a sensitivity feature, which you can adjust in ten different settings or levels. It costs only $148.97 on Amazon, a $44.69 drop from its regular price.

Tesoro Sand Shark

Treasure hunters who would like to go on an underwater adventure will love the Tesoro Sand Shark. It comes in a waterproof housing that can reach up to an impressive 200 feet. The pieza headphones are also waterproof. In other words, you can bring one to search for valuable items trapped in some sunken ships.

This Tesoro Sand Shark also boasts of its Advanced Digital Pulse Induction technology, which is basically the first microprocessor PI detector.  It currently sells for $632.78 on Amazon.

Fisher F75

The Fisher F75 is one of the best metal detectors to bring to the beach thanks to its one-of-a-kind double-filter discrimination mode. This feature allows the F75 to search through areas filled with trash. It also makes it a great instrument for veteran users of metal detectors since they can easily spot if an item is trash or tr

easure. It is also waterproof courtesy of a rain cover over the search coils.

The Fisher F75 normally costs $1,249 on Amazon but is now available for only $557.57. Tis lightweight metal detector may still be a bit too much for newbies but it’s certainly a good investment for experienced users, especially with its ton of impressive features.

Garrett ACE 400


Among all entry-level metal detectors, the Garrett ACE 400 is perhaps one of the better choices, especially considering the price. The ACE 400 has a digital target ID with enhanced iron resolution along with a submersible searchcoil. The Garrett ACE 400 was built with electronic pinpointing, which will help you find targets . The Garrett ACE 400 is available for $339.95 on Amazon.

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