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Greenhouse is commonly known as a structure with roof and walls made of transparent materials, such as glass or transparent plastic in which allows you to grow your favorite flowers, herbs, and vegetables, all year long. But to most, the function of greenhouse is the mere joy it brings the owner of having a tiny house protecting and providing their seedlings and plants cool in the summer and warmth in the winter letting them participate in their favorite hobby all year long, and perhaps taking a tea and spending couple of hours with their plants when the rest of the garden is too soggy to set foot in.

Start your very own greenhouse with these DIY greenhouse plans


Barn greenhouse

It is built with metal lower wall but it isn’t just for you to have stylish looking greenhouse, it will definitely protect your greens from pesky animals who’d love to nibble on them.

GREENHOUSE PLANImage via The Kerr Center

Hoop house

Hoop houses can be made with different variety of materials such as Cedar branch, PVC pipes to  galvanized welded wire fencing material. They are particularly easy to assemble.


GREENHOUSE PLANImage via Solabode

Pallet greenhouse

This low-cost greenhouse isn’t just environmental friendly for recycling materials. Pallet woods has such a distinctive beauty to add style to your greenhouse just as well.

GREENHOUSE PLANImage via Te Regalo Una idea

Straw Bale Cold Frame

These designs aren’t just economical, they’re very easy and fun to do, simple but ingenious. Just arrange your straws or hays into a shape you want to make the sides of your cold-frame. You can use old windows or plastics as frame.



CD Case Greenhouse

This greenhouse is basically made out of cutting and gluing old CD cases!

GREENHOUSE PLANImage via Bepa’s Garden

Simple Cold Frame

Can be easily made with scrap lumber and plastic, that utilizes solar energy and insulation to create a microclimate.

GREENHOUSE PLANImage via Pinterest

Mini Greenhouse

Can be very simple and made of recycled materials like old frames and windows, assembled in boxes.

GREENHOUSE PLANImage via little house on the urban prairie

Retractable hoop house

This smart PVC hoop house lets you work on your garden even in the snow without the hassle of being under the tiny house as the cover of the greenhouse can be retracted.

GREENHOUSE PLANImage via Northern Homestead

Geo Dome Greenhouse

A lightweight, very unique structure, which is stable in wind and snow with optimal light absorption. The greenhouse can also be a unique hang-out place.

GREENHOUSE PLANImage via Nifty Homestead

Bottle Greenhouses

Bottle Greenhouse isn’t just going to let your garden be all year round, it is a smart way of helping the environment from breaking down through the use of petroleum –based plastic bottles.

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