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If you ask Mari Kondo, she’ll tell you to get rid of something that you haven’t used for quite a while or does not “spark joy.” The KonMari method is a great and effective way to declutter. However, you should think twice about throwing away things that you could still use albeit in a different way. Find out the many ways you can repurpose common household items and avoid adding to the world’s worsening garbage problems.

Below are some examples of everyday items you shouldn’t throw away after one use.


Disposable Razor

When you wish to repurpose common household items, try using things that are usually thrown away after just one use. Just because they’re called disposable razors it doesn’t mean you have to throw them away after one or a couple of uses. Razors can be used for other things after it has fulfilled its purpose of making you face or legs smooth.

One interesting project you can make out of bunch of old disposable razors is a digital camera tripod. Take note, this DIY project is meant for digital cameras and not those huge SLR cameras.

You just need three old razors with rubber handles, hot glue, wood putty, sand paper, 1/2-inch scrap wood, 1/4-inch bolt 1 1/2 inches long, washers, and spacers. You’ll also need pencil, straight rule, a jig saw, and a power drill with ¼-inch drill bit and 1/2-inch boring bit.

First, use your pencil and ruler to mark a 2”x2”x2” triangular shape from the piece of scrap wood. Find the center and mark it, as well. Drill a hole as deep as the bolt’s head using the boring bit. Use the drill bit to drill through the rest of the wood. This will be your camera mount.

Cut the triangle using the jig saw then sand. Place the bolt through the hole and apply wood putty over the head. Once the putty is dry, sand the whole thing until it’s smooth. You can paint the camera mount if you wish. Finally, glue the heads of the razors to each side of the triangular mount to complete your tripod. This project was featured on Instructables.



There seems to be Bermuda Triangle of some sort in every home that likes to swallow socks. Don’t throw away those mismatched socks just yet. There are plenty of ways you can repurpose common household items such as these.


Arm Warmers

Turn your sock singles into arm warmers with just a few snips here and there.  First, put the sock on your arm and mark where you have to make your holes for your fingers and thumb. Cut off the foot part and a small line about 3mm for the thumb hole. Sew the edges to keep them from unravelling. Go to Thrifty Fun to see the full instructions with photos.


Bean Bags

Cut the socks into squares. Close one hole by sewing the edges together then fill it with pinto beans or anything similar. Sew the remaining hole shut. There you have it! Use your repurposed socks for games. Check out A Little Tipsy for more details on how to repurpose common household items such as mismatched socks.


Dog Chew

Did you know that you can repurpose common household items so you can keep your dog from ruining the other stuff in your home? Grab one of your lonely socks and put a tennis ball inside it. Twist and tie the sock and give it to your dog to play with.


Egg Cartons

To repurpose common household items such an empty egg carton you need to be creative. Use a paper egg carton an organizer for your jewelry, trinkets, Christmas ornaments, and other small items.

You can also use your paper egg cartons for your garden. Use a pair of scissor to split the egg carton. Fill them with soil then plant a seed or seeds in each. Plant the carton into the soil once the seedling has sprouted. The paper carton ill will eventually break down.


There are tons of ways you can repurpose common household items. We’ve only tapped a small portion of these DIY projects you can do to help lessen wastage in this world. A simple act as trying to purpose common household items is a noble thing to do and it will go a long way in saving our planet. Visit The Gentleman Pirate regularly so you can learn more repurposing hacks.

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