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A kind organization will not be successful if the people involved are not happy. Take a business, for example. If the employees are disgruntled, the business will suffer. Fortunately, there are many ways to keep workers happy. Aside from generous compensation, benefits, career growth and a positive work environment, employees will definitely be delighted receiving presents. Here are some Labor Day gift ideas.

There’s no need to break the bank just to make an impression on your employees come Labor Day. If you really wish to express your gratitude and inspire your workers to be more productive, simple tokens are enough. Of course, it would be great if your Labor Day gifts are well thought of.



Labor Day Gift Ideas: Everyday Carry

One way to show people you care is to give them something useful for their safety and protection. There are a number of survival tools that you should always have with you. These are called everyday carry. Make sure your employees get home safe from work with these Labor Day gift ideas.


Tough Tesla Lighter

It doesn’t matter if you’re a smoker or not, you should always have a lighter or any kind of fire starter on you at all times. Starting a fire is one of the most basic survival skills and it would be a whole lot easier of you have a lighter.

Don’t settle for just any lighter, though. The Frog & CO Tesla Lighter is made to withstand wind and water so you can still have your fire when you need it most. Simply click the button for the dual arcs to produce a spark and light up your tinder, paper or anything flammable.

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This electric lighter is made of zinc alloy and comes with a waterproof case. It also comes with a 120 decibel whistle and a paratinder neck lanyard. A micro-USB to USB cable is also included in the package.  A full charge takes just 1.5 to 2 hours.

The Frog & CO Tesla Lighter is available right now for only $19.93 from its original price of $29.97 per piece.


Tactical Pen Knife

Give your employees the ability to defend themselves from would-be attackers with their own tactical pen knife. You could give pencils but I doubt they can do a John Wick with them.

The lightweight Tactical Pen Knife by Frog & CO weighs only 0.6 ounces and measures 5.5 inches.  It basically fits anywhere. You can keep it inside your purse or man purse, in the pocket of your jeans, or in front pocket of your long-sleeved shirt.

The aircraft-grade aluminum tactical pen hides a 2.5-inch serrated blade under the cap portion of this bug out bag must-have. The other end, meanwhile, hides the point of a pen. Yes, you can actually write with this thing.

Survival Frog is holding a Labor Day sale and the tactical pen is available for only $9.93, down from $14.97.

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Micro Scream Whistle

Everyone should have an emergency whistle in their possession at all time. This basic survival gear can help you survive natural disasters and other survival situations. It also prevents crimes and scare animals away.

Its main use is to get the attention of other people when you are in trouble. If you’re leaving work, for example, you should have your emergency whistle on hand in case someone tries to attack you. The loud noise will make the threat think twice about proceeding.

If you’re outdoors, say on a hike, your whistle will be pretty useful if you get lost. Use it to alert other people, particularly rescuers, of your location. When you’re in the wilderness or mountain, there’s a chance you’ll encounter a wild animal. The noise from your whistle can scare off these potential threats.


The Micro Scream Whistle fits perfectly on your keychain and weighs only 0.2 ounces. You won’t even notice it. Most importantly, the pealess whistle can produce 100 decibels of sound. Plus, it’s durable and can be used even in wet conditions.

The Micro Scream Whistle may be small and cheap but if it means saving your life against threats then this is one of the Labor Day gift ideas you should definitely consider giving away this year.

Each piece normally sells for only $2.97 but since we’re celebrating Labor Day, Survival Frog is slashing a dollar off so you can have it for only $1.93.


Mini Rechargeable Tact Flashlight

Another brilliant Labor Day present you can give away to your employees is a tactical flashlight. The Mini Rechargeable Tact Flashlight by Frog & CO is no ordinary flashlight, mind you.

The rechargeable flashlight is made aluminum, which is strong enough to survive impacts. It comes with three different light modes including 130 lumens flashlight and 250 lumens sidebar floodlight.

It uses a 400 mAh battery while the charging time is 3 to 5 hours. It’s the perfect EDC as it measures only 4 inches long plus it comes with a lanyard and plastic carrying case.


SafeWallet RFID Shield Credit & Debit Card Blocker

Criminals are getting smarter and smarter each day. In fact, many of them have gone on to win important government positions. Kidding.

Nowadays, thieves use gadgets and computers to perpetrate crimes. Fortunately, there are ways to protect your data from these hackers.

The SafeWallet RFID Shield Credit & Debit Card Blocker utilizes space age alloys to neutralize signals hackers need to get vital information from your credit and debit cards. Simply put, your cards will not be “read” by the gadgets that these criminals use.

The Survival Frog Wallet Shield is a brilliant way to remind your employees that you care about their safety, particularly of their hard-earned money. Best of all, it’s on sale right now. Head on to Survival Frog and get these RFID blocking sleeves for $8.93 each, down from $9.97.




Labor Gift Ideas: Car Emergency Kit

Many workers commute to and from work. There are some who walk or ride a bike. And there are those who drive their own vehicle to work. No matter how you get to work, you need to have some essential survival gear and supplies with you all the time.

For those who drive, you need your own car emergency kit. What better way to show your appreciation to your employees than to make sure they are safe when they get in their cars.


QuadraPro Solar Power Bank with Wireless & Dual USB Charging

In the event of a disaster, one of the first things you’d want to do is to check on your loved ones. You need a phone or any kind of communication tool to do that. However, power may go out during such emergency situations and you’ll find it difficult to stay in contact with your family without electricity.

Make sure you have a fully charged power bank in your get home bag so you don’t have to worry that much about running out of juice.

The QuadraPro Solar Power Bank stores solar energy in its 6.500 mAh battery, which can then charge two devices at once through the two output jacks. It can also charge three phones at the same time using its wireless charging feature along with the two USB ports.

This get home bag essential is water resistant and has built-in flashlight and magnets. It is usually worth $54.97 but can be had for only $49.93 thanks to Survival Frog’s Labor Day Sale.


QuickHeat Rechargeable Hand Warmer with Portable Power Bank

Winter is coming and it’s starting to get cold. Hand warmers seem like the best of all Labor Day gift ideas you can think of right now. But don’t get them those boring hand warmers.

Take the most of the on-going Labor Day Sale and get the QuickHeat Rechargeable Hand Warmer with Portable Power Bank by Frog & CO.

This 4-inch and 4.7-ounce device provides 104 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit of heat when you need it most like when you’re in your car trapped in a blizzard or when the heater goes out in your home.

The QuickHeat hand warmer also doubles as a power bank making it an even more important survival tool that everyone should have in their EDC or get home bags.


Pocket Jumper Pro Car & Truck Jump Starter

It’s easier to get home to your family when you have a car. Make sure you also have supplies and gear in your vehicle so you’ll have a better chance of getting home.

For your employees who drive to and from work, these pocket jump starters are probably the best Labor Day gift ideas you can think of. They’d be definitely happy knowing they’re better equipped to get home to their families thanks to such a wonderful boss like you.

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Each set includes a 15V gas/diesel jumper that doubles as a power bank, a set of Smart jumper cables, a multi-power cord attachment, car adapter cord, and a zip-up pouch to keep everything.

Aside from jump starting vehicles and charging small devices, the Pocket Jumper Pro Car & Truck Jump Starter also comes with built-in 120 lumens flashlight, a white signal light, and a red blinking emergency light.

From $99.97, the Pocket Jumper Pro Car & Truck Jump Starter is currently available for only $79.93.


Crash Escape 6-in-1 Emergency Car Tool

If your work requires you to be behind the wheel for most of the day then you certainly have to take the necessary precautions. Accidents happen when we least expect it but that doesn’t mean you just have to leave everything to fate.

You need to be prepared for any eventuality and that includes running out of gas, blowing a tire, getting lost, getting trapped in a blizzard, and being involved in a car wreck, among other possible emergency scenarios.

When you’re in a car crash, it’s important to get out of your vehicle immediately. There’s always the risk of gas leaking and causing an explosion. If you fall into a lake or any body of water, you also need to get out before your car sinks to the bottom.

In these scenarios, you need a car escape tool. The Crash Escape 6-in-1 Emergency Car Tool by Frog & CO, for example, can be used to break windows and cut seat belts. Aside from these, it also features a flashlight with three light modes, an emergency flashing light, a car charger, and a power bank.

Each unit normally retails for $24.97 but can be yours for only $9.93. With around 60% off the regular price, this is one of the best Labor Day deals Survival Frog has to offer.


Tact 9-in-1 Multi Tool Survival Shovel

Multi-tools are popular among preppers and they make great Labor Day gift ideas. One such multi-tool is the Tact 9-in-1 Multi-Tool Survival Shovel. This one’s particularly useful if you live in a place where it snows a lot.

The survival shovel is a great tool to have if you’re stuck in snow or even in mud. The multi-tool also functions as a hacking blade, axe, pickaxe, hammer, nail puller, stake puller, saw, and bottle opener. It comes in a designer box and a polyester carrying pouch.

The Tact 9-in-1 Multi Tool Survival Shovel sells for $16.93 right now from its regular price of $29.97.


If you really want to make an impression on your employees, these Labor Day gift ideas may just do the trick. Of course, there are lots of other survival gear you can give away to your workers to show how much you appreciate them, and the hard work they do for your business. Check out the Gentleman Pirate Club to see more amazing survival and outdoor gear that you can choose from.

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