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Many of you are probably gearing up for the coming St. Patrick’s Day. You’re undoubtedly giddy with excitement thinking of all the fun you had the last time you celebrated the Irish tradition. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that but you do need to take extra precautions when you go party the night and day away. Read up on some St. Patrick’s Day safety tips to make sure you get home safe and sound.

One major concern nowadays is the coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19. Medical experts have advised against holding or attending large gatherings and St. Patrick’s Day is certainly a large gathering of thirsty beer lovers and party animals. There are legitimate concerns for the revellers’ safety due to the coronavirus. Even if you’re not a fan of getting sloshed, going to the parade is not advisable these days.

John Oxford, a professor and virologist from Queen Mary University of London, is pushing for the cancellation or postponement of the St. Patrick’s Day parade particularly in Ireland where two coronavirus cases have already been confirmed.

So far the Irish government has no plans of cancelling the March 17 parade. If this pushes through, the Irish are definitely pushing their luck. It’s not just in Ireland. Other countries, including the United Sates, also celebrate the occasion.

The coronavirus is not the only thing you should be wary of. There are other viruses you can catch from a huge crowd of people. The possibility of accidents is also pretty high considering the copious amount of alcohol people will be consuming on that day. Then there are the bad eggs. While most people will be out that day to simply have fun, some may be up to no good.

Hopefully, nothing bad will come out of these celebrations. If you wish to go out and party, please be extra careful and make sure you’re wary of the many St. Patrick’s Day safety tips we have listed down for you party animals.



St. Patrick’s Day Safety Tips for the Coronavirus

Stay Home

We’ll go on and put this one here: to protect yourself from the risk of a coronavirus infection, stay home. This is the best of the many possible St. Patrick’s Day safety tips we can offer considering the current situation. Skipping this year’s festivities is not as important as staying safe and alive, for that matter.

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You can always bring the celebration to your place. Ask only a small group of friends or family over to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day to lessen the risks. Clean up and disinfect your home. Ask everyone to wash their hands especially before touching the food and drinks. Provide hand sanitizers. Make sure there’s one at the door they can use before entering. Don’t hesitate to ask your guest to follow protocol.

Politely ask your guests to skip the party if they’re sick. If none or a few of your friends show up, don’t take it as a sign that they don’t like you anymore. Don’t be over-dramatic.

Oh, and if you’re the one who’s sick, please stay home and quarantine yourself until you’re sure you don’t have the coronavirus. In case you do, don’t go rushing to the hospital just yet. If you are healthy, you’re chances of surviving COVID-19 is high

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Boost Your Immune System

If you really have to go, at least make sure your body is strong and healthy enough. Remember, most of the casualties of COVID-19 are old and too weak to survive the virus.

Those on the older side, say over 60, should skip the parade. They probably shouldn’t drink anyway. Whether they admit it or not, their bodies are no longer as capable as before. Pregnant women, children, and people with existing medical conditions are advised to stay at home, as well.


Eat A Healthy Diet

To boost your body’s immune system, start with a healthy diet. Eat lots of fruits particularly the citrus ones such as oranges, limes, lemons, and grapefruits. They’re rich in vitamin C, which is a great immune booster.

Vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, and red bell pepper are also rich in vitamin C. It’s not just vitamin C we’re after, though. Try incorporating different herbs, vegetables, fruits, grains, and other healthy foods to your diet. These will help promote your body’s overall health thus making you more capable of surviving the coronavirus in case you get infected.

Say no to beer and other alcoholic drinks for now. You’re probably going to fill the tank on St. Patrick’s Day anyway so a few days of waiting won’t hurt. Once St. Patrick’s Day is over, tone down on your liquor intake. The coronavirus will not go away that easily so it’s best you drink moderately to keep your body healthy. Avoid sugary drinks, as well. Drink tea and fresh fruit juices to give your body an extra boost.

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If you haven’t been exercising, now is the right time. Exercise or any other physical activity helps boost the immune system by getting rid of the bacteria in the lungs and airways thus lowering the risks of infection. Exercising also inhibits the rapid release of stress hormones, which also lowers the risk of illnesses.

Be wary of doing too much physical activity especially if you’ve been dormant for quite some time. You need your body to get used to the strain of exercise. Start with simple and moderate exercises you can do at home such as push-ups, lunges, squats, planks, jumping jacks, and jogging in place or around your living room. You don’t have to go to the gym or go out for a run where the risk of getting in contact with a sick person is high. Try to avoid people before all the St. Patrick’s Day merrymaking.

Invest in some home gym equipment for those days you can’t go out. A treadmill like the NordicTrack T Series Treadmill will give you a good sweat while working out your quads, hamstrings, calf muscles, and other muscles of your body. You’ll also need an exercise mat such as the BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat for your floor exercises.


Take Herbal Supplements

There is an on-going debate whether herbal supplements really boost the body’s immunity. If you look at all the products available in the market, you’ll find different claims made by the manufacturers. The Premium Elderberry Gummies Dietary Supplements from Havasu Nutrition, for example, boasts of providing “healthy immune support.”

To be clear, these herbal supplements are not to be used as cure or treatment for particular medical conditions. They ingredients used in these supplements contain different nutrients that are known to help with the body’s immunity. Elderberry, for example, is rich in vitamin C and zinc.

There is still a need for further studies to truly determine the effects of herbal supplements to the immune system. But for now, it wouldn’t hurt if you take some of these supplements to help you stay healthy and prepare your body in case you come in contact with the coronavirus.


De-stress and Get Enough Sleep

A well-rested body is a healthy body. Get enough sleep to help your body rejuvenate. More importantly, at least in this case, sleep improves the body’s capability to battle infectious diseases.

Regular exercise helps you sleep better at night so that’s another reason why you should start exercising. Another tip to have a healthy sleep is to do a bedtime ritual that helps relax the mind and body.

Use a few drops of essential oils with a warm relaxing bath. Spray some on the underside of your pillow. Dim the lights or turn it off completely. Avoid watching TV or looking at your phone while on bed. In fact, you should not have a TV or computer in your bedroom. Set a no-device-on-bed rule for yourself, as well.

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Coronavirus Safety Tips When Outdoors

Once you’re out in the open, there are only a few things you can do to lessen the risk of being infected with the coronavirus.


Wear A Respirator Only If Necessary

As some experts have stressed, wearing face masks can only do so much against the coronavirus. In fact, it can be rendered useless if you don’t know how to properly use one. You can wear a face mask if you wish but it does not guarantee complete protection from COVID-19. Medical experts suggest wearing one only if you’re in a place where there are lots of sick people. This is why medical personnel wear masks.

There’s no way to tell if someone in the St. Paddy’s Day crowd is sick but you might as well assume someone, sick or not, will be coughing or sneezing and spreading germs. If that’s the case, a face mask will help.

If you prefer to wear a mask while enjoying the St. Patrick’s Day festivities, use a fitted N95 respirator. Regular surgical masks have a tendency to not fit properly to your face.


Keep Hands Clean

One of the more effective St. Patrick’s Day safety tips against the coronavirus is to keep your hands clean. Keep a hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol content in your pocket at all times. Make sure to spray your hands every now and then, especially after touching something that is frequently touched.

Before opening a door, for example, you can put some hand sanitizer on your hands or spray alcohol on the door handle. Give your hands another go after touching the handle. Avoid using your bare hands on faucets in the lavatory, subway poles, and other surfaces. Splash or spray some of your sanitizer before grabbing that mug or bottle of beer, as well.

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Don’t Touch Your Face

Admittedly, it can be quite difficult to always remember to disinfect your hands. It’s even harder to remember not to touch your face. Just ask these officials in the video below how difficult it is to keep your hands off your face but that’s exactly what you should do to avoid being infected by the coronavirus.

If you touch something dirty, the virus will transfer to your hands and if you unwittingly touch your face, the risk of getting sick is far higher. This is common sense as Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, stressed though she was also caught on camera rubbing her nose.

We’re not in the business of trolling these politicians and medical officials but the truth is that what they say is easier said than done. Still, do everything in your power to remember not to touch your face, including watching this catchy public information video from Vietnam and taking the TikTok dance challenge based on the song.


Other St. Patrick’s Day Safety Tips

As established at the start, the coronavirus is not the only thing you should worry about when you go celebrate St. Paddy’s Day. There are a number of ways that things can go wrong and you’ll be glad that you spent a few minutes reading up on how to stay safe on St. Patrick’s Day.


Plan Ahead

Plan everything ahead. Talk to your mates if you don’t want to go alone. This is a good idea since you’ll have your friends to watch your back.

Google the place where you’ll be going if you’re unfamiliar with the area. Familiarize yourself with the routes. Find out where the police station and nearest hospital s are. Get their numbers so you can call when you need help.

Look for places you can possibly stay and book in advance. It would be wise to rent one nearby so you can just walk back after the celebrations.


Designate A Driver

Taking the public transport could be a disaster waiting to happen. On normal days, these trains and buses are almost always crowded. With the coronavirus scare, there could be less revellers travelling to participate in the St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Still, the risk is high if you use public transportation. If you have no other recourse, just make sure to disinfect your hands and to use tissue paper or any item as barrier between your hands and the poles or other surfaces on the vehicle.

If you’re bringing a vehicle to the festivities, make sure you have a designated driver. No one among your beer-loving friends will probably agree to this so you should consider hiring someone to drive you. Another option is to get a ridesharing service. The designated driver should not drink or at least limit his or her intake of alcohol and will make sure everyone gets home safe.

Try to stay awake and clear-minded enough to help your driver navigate. You can also keep them entertained so they won’t fall asleep on the wheel. Just make sure you’re not distracting the driver. In case the driver feels sleepy, he or she should not force things. Park the car somewhere safe and take a nap.


Lock Up

Before you leave your home or hotel room, make sure everything’s closed and locked. Thieves like to take advantage of these events when most people are not home. Close all the windows and doors including the garage door. It would be a lot better of you have a home security system.

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Don’t Get Sloshed

As a responsible adult, you should know when enough is enough. If you’re drinking, make sure you don’t get too drunk, especially if you’re the kind that picks up a fight or drunk dials an ex. Set a limit and ask your buddy to watch how much you’ve had.

Pace yourself. You don’t need to chug down a bottle of beer in just a few seconds. Try your best to make one mug last for an hour or so.

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If you’re having hard drinks, dilute them with water or ice. Sparkling water will also work. Stay away from chasers that have lots of sugar. An increased blood sugar level can cause one to feel drunk. Drink freshly squeezed juice instead.

Sip water in between mugs or bottles to stay hydrated. Since alcohol is a diuretic, you’ll need water to replace what you’re losing.



Bring A St Patrick’s Day Survival Kit

You have a higher chance of surviving any predicament if you come prepared. It’s no different when you celebrate a holiday that’s known for alcoholic drinks – lots of ‘em. To get home safe, you need to pack a survival kit.

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Water and Snacks

Bring drinking water and snacks, especially if you’re watching the St. Patrick’s Day parade. You’ll likely be standing under the sun so you’ll get thirsty real fast. It’s a good idea to bring your own water and food. Buying from vendors or stores is risky since you don’t know if they washed they’re hands or not.


Sun Protection

Put on some sunscreen. Wear a wide-brimmed hat and a pair of dark sunglasses. Try to avoid staying under the sun for too long.


Phone and Power Bank

Don’t leave home without a fully charged phone. Make sure you have emergency numbers saved on your phone so you can dial quickly if you or someone else needs medical or police assistance. Bring a power bank so you don’t have to worry about your phone running out of juice.


Everyday Carry Kit

An everyday carry kit is called that because you have to bring it with you every time you go out. Some of you may think twice about bringing a bag when you’ll be out getting some drinks. You don’t have to use a big bag, though, Use a sling or waist bag that you can keep in front and as close to your body as possible.

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Pack your bag with the essentials such as your wallet with cash and IDs, power bank, tactical flashlight, emergency whistle, lighter, pen and paper, and multi-tool.

Bring enough cash for your drinks, meals, and fare if you’re taking a cab or Uber home. You’ll also need the extra moolah if you have to check into a hotel.

The tactical flashlight will be useful on your walk back home or to your hotel. It’s also useful for self defense. Speaking of, a pocket knife is a must-have for any EDC kit s you can use it for various tasks including defending yourself. However, you have to be extra responsible if you’re taking one with you.


Again, we advise people from going out while the coronavirus is fast spreading across the globe. You can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and other events you might miss next year when COVID-19 is no longer a threat. If you insist on celebrating the holiday, however, we also insist that you take extra precaution. Start with the St. Patrick’s Day safety tips we have listed down here. Follow Gentleman Pirate Club and stay updated on the possible ways you can survive the coronavirus and stay safe during holidays and public events.