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Here on the Gentleman Pirate Club, we believe in the freedom of choice. We previously discussed DIY compost bins and how easy it is for you to make them. This time, we’re showing you the top compost bins you can purchase if making your own is not a viable option. The important thing here is the drive to be more self-sufficient, to help out the environment, and the need to not waste anything.


Top Compost Bins – $200 Up

Jora JK270 9.5 Cubic Feet Composter – $459

The Jora JK270 Composter is a ‘continuous-use’ composter with two chambers that lets you add new materials constantly. You can add new kitchen scraps to one compartment while waiting for the other to mature.  This will take as fast as two weeks since the insulation and seal allows temperature inside the bin to reach 150° F making the process faster and more efficient.

The rust-resistant galvanized steel composter can produce 6 to 8 gallons of compost per week. It’s also resistant to pest, particularly rodents, reduces odors, and easy to use.  You can easily rotate the bin to maximize aeration.


Aerobin 400 15 Cubic Foot (112 Gallon) Insulated Compost Bin – $399

What sets the Aerobin 400 Composter apart from other top compost bins is that its vertical design and internal aeration core. An aeration tube that runs vertically through the compost bin works with an insulated double-walled design to keep the inside warmer than the temperature outside and hasten the decomposition.

The compost tea is then caught by a small tank at the bottom of the bin and drained through a spigot. The end product can be accessed through small doors on each side of the composter.


Aeroplus 21 Cubic Feet 3-Stage Compost Bin – $319.95

The Aeroplus Composter belongs to this list of top compost bins for on main reason – its three-stage composting system. It utilizes a vertical multi-chamber design to continuously compost your kitchen scraps and other materials. It is capable of adjusting the ventilation so you can still use it in summer and winter.

Like all the other top compost bins in this list, the Aeroplus 3-Stage Compost Bin is pest and rodent resistant. The weather-proof composter is made of durable 5mm thick plastic, which is recycled so you’re helping Mother Nature a bit more.

The easy-to-use Aeroplus composter was given the Red Dot Design Award in 2012i, which is another proof that t is one of the top compost bins in the industry.


Food Cycler Food Waste Recycler $299

The Food Cycler is known for its efficiency and quickness in producing usable compost, making it one of the top compost bins in town. It is also one of the few that uses electricity, efficiently at that. In fact, its built-in sensors will tell the Food Cycler to shut down the process thus saving energy.

Once you fill the bucket with materials, place them inside the Food Cycler then turn the switch on. It will start dehydrating and sterilizing the compost material, which will last from 3 to 6 hours. The dehydrated compost can then be placed in the garden. The shrunken compost will decompose and release nutrients when you water your garden.

The Food Cycler is equipped with activated carbon filters to keep the foul odor from taking a tour of your home. It comes with a couple of carbon filters.


Compost Wizard Hybrid Composter & Rain Barrel – $299

For the composter part of the Compost Wizard Hybrid Composter and Rain Barrel, you have the compost tumbler where you can put your kitchen scraps and other materials. It comes with four wheels that spins to makes it pretty easy turn.

The liquid from the compost gathers in the base then flows into the rain barrel, which is the other part of this hybrid compost bin. The compost liquid and rain water combined makes for a nutritious fertilizer for your plants.

The child-safe and pet-friendly compost bin is made from 100% recycled plastic while the spigot is brass. It also comes with a 12-inch twist lid, aeration holes, and a screen that keeps mosquitoes and debris away.


Green Cone Solar Waste Digester – $209.95

The Green Cone is by far the most unique of the top compost bins listed here not just for its interesting cone design. It’s also not like the traditional compost bins since it focuses more on keeping the organic material out of the waste stream.

The accelerator powder is mixed with the kitchen scraps in the compost pail using a shaker jar before dumping the food waste into the composter. The accelerator powder makes sure there are enough natural bacteria in the waste to break it down.


Top Compost Bins – Below $200

EZ Compost Wizard Jr. 7 Cubic Foot Compost Tumbler – $149.95

Most of you probably don’t like handling compost because of the smell. Lucky for you one of the top compost bins available just needs a visit from you once a week. Turn the compost bin once a week and every time you add new scraps or grass cuttings. You can have compost in 14 days, at least.

THE EZ Compost Wizard is constructed from 100% recycled polyethylene, which is BPA-free so you don’t have to worry about bad chemicals leeching into the compost. It comes with wheels that makes it  lot easier to turn the drum.


Eco King 110 Gallons Recycled Plastic Compost Bin – $129.95

One of the more affordable of the top compost bins in the market, the Eco King 110 Gallon Compost Bin is a product of Germany so you know it’s of high quality. The UV-resistant Eco King compost bin is made of 100% recycled polypropylene.

Unlike the some of the other top compost bins on this list, the Eco King sits on the ground and hard to turn. This makes the process slower, which makes the Eco King a lot slower than the other composters.


Decorative Ceramic Compost Keeper – $39.95

Every kitchen needs a good-looking composter to inspire people to not waste kitchen scraps. For just under $40, you can do your share of caring for the environment with this gorgeous decorative ceramic compost keeper.

This ceramic compost keeper comes with a tight-fitting lid to keep the ungodly smell from seeping out. It also has a stainless steel handle so you can ring it to your garden and back without a hitch. The composter also comes with a filter, which lasts for six months.


Ceramic Compost Keeper – $37.95

If you prefer something simpler for your kitchen composter, go with the classic ceramic compost keeper. The pain white compost keeper also features a stainless steel handle to easily transfer our kitchen scraps to your compost bin.

The elegant-looking yet affordable compost keeper comes with a tight lid and charcoal filter to keep it odor-free. The filter also lasts for six months. Replacement filters are pretty cheap so this wouldn’t really be a problem.


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