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Whether they’re serving overseas or helping protect the homeland here at home, military dads deserve to get something nice for Father’s Day. If you’re having a hard time figuring out what to give, take a look at this short list of Father’s Day gift ideas and you might find something that’s truly suited for the proud military man.


Customized Military Dog Tag

The military dog tag is perhaps one of the things that soldiers hold dear. Its main purpose is to identify a soldier that has been killed or wounded while on duty. For fellow soldiers, military dog tags have become a sacred symbol of the camaraderie honed since the days at training camp up until the ties they served together protecting the country.

One cute way to show your support and love to military dads is to have customized military dog tags especially made for them as a Father’s Day gift. Place something meaningful such as the names of your children, a favorite quote, or a simple inspiring message to help him through his days away from the family.


Greeting Cards

A good ol’ fashioned greeting card is always a good Father’s Day gift for military dads serving overseas. Make the card even more special by having your favorite photo with dad on the cover. You can also have your message printed inside such photo cards. Surely, military dads will appreciate receiving something they can look at and read to remind them of the reasons why they are fighting in the first place.


Customized Playing Cards

Things may get boring while serving in another country. Give your husband, brother or dad something to do with a deck of customized playing cards as your Father’s Day gift.

Having a picture of their children or the whole family printed on the back of the playing cards will certainly bring joy to him and other military dads.


Customized Baseball

Military dads who love baseball will feel like they hit a homer with a Father’s Day gift such as a personalized baseball. No, it’s not a baseball used in an actual game and autographed by his favorite slugger. It’s even better. It’s a baseball with the face of his child printed on it. But wait, there’s more! You can also have texts printed on the ball.


Motorcycle Bag

Is your guy both a soldier and a biker? Does he own a mean-looking motorbike? If you answered yes to all these questions, the perfect Father’s Day gift for him is a motorcycle luggage where he can keep everything he needs when he goes for a ride.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to motorcycle bags. There are swing arm bags, sissy bar bags and tank bags. The one pictured above is a saddlebag made specifically for a Harley Davidson Sportser 833 Low. If this is not your guy’s ride, you can look for one that is perfect for your husband or dad.


Beer Can Banks

Most military dads love their beer as much as the next guy. If you prefer not to exert too much effort thinking about Father’s Day gifts for all the dads you know, why not get something like this impressive collection of Father’s Day Beer-Shaped Banks.

The guys will definitely love them plus you give them a subtle reminder to not spend too much on beer and save up for more important things.


Fitness Tracker

A fitness tracker seems like a brilliant Father’s Day gift for military dads. This is especially true for those who you’d normally gift with a beer-shaped bank on Father’s Day. It helps keep him fit in between tours. This device is also great for veterans. A fitness tracker will aid him in staying in shape even after his military career.


Fishing Gear

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; give home some brand new fishing gear and he’ll be so ecstatic that you’ll be having fish for dinner almost every night. Military dads surely know a thing or two about bringing food to the table. They are surely trained to handle dire situations by learning different survival skills such as finding water, hunting, foraging, and fishing.

This particular pair of fishing pliers from Piscifun is made of aircraft-grade anodized aluminum that does not corrode easy making it the perfect gear to have on his fishing trips. It also boasts of having tungsten carbide cutter, one of the sharpest in the industry. Of course, you want the best for the best dads in your life.

Any kind of Father’s day gift will surely be appreciated. As they say, “it’s the thought that counts” but with these Father’s Day gift ideas listed here, you can never go wrong. Visit The Gentleman Pirate for more gift ideas for military dads and normal dads, as well.

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