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The coronavirus scare is sweeping across the United States leading many to consider and wonder if they’ll survive being quarantined. Nine people have died and over 100 in at least 15 states are confirmed to have been infected by COVID-19 as of this writing.

Worldwide, the number is even more staggering. A little over 3,200 deaths and more than 93,100 confirmed cases have been recorded since the dreaded coronavirus was first encountered in December 2019. The bulk of the victims come from China, where the new coronavirus originated.

It’s not just coronavirus you should be worried about. A dozen of other viruses can cause an epidemic or even a pandemic. SARS, smallpox, yellow fever, Ebola, and the Plague come to mind. Even some supposedly simple infections like cholera and tuberculosis will require you to quarantine yourself in a room to protect the rest of your family. There may even be some emergency scenarios that will force you to bug in and not come out for a prolonged period of time.

Don’t wait for the government to literally lock your gates and keep you from leaving your home like what’s been happening in China. Do what you can to be ready for such a scenario and be prepared to confine yourselves to the safety of your home if or when things get worse. Here’s what you need to survive being quarantined.



When to Self-Quarantine

Ideally, you should already be limiting your movement now. Avoid places and events packed with people. If you have to leave your home, wear a face mask and wash your hands often. Carry an alcohol-based hand sanitizer for the times there are no soap and water available.

Once you hear of a potential coronavirus case in your area, go on a self-quarantine. If you exhibit the symptoms of COVID-19, it’s even more important to isolate yourself immediately ad completely. Stay at home and, if possible, in just one room. If you have to get medical care, protect yourself and others around you from whatever you have whether it’s the coronavirus or just a simple flu. Call your doctor and make arrangements before leaving the house. This will give them the time to prepare for a possible coronavirus case.

Stay away from other people and even animals during your home quarantine as much as possible. This will be a lonely couple of weeks or so but if you truly value the safety of your family, this sacrifice is necessary.

How to Survive A Deadly Pandemic

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Some people suggest having a pet will help you cope with the loneliness and survive being quarantined. It’s highly recommended NOT to do so in this case, however. We know very little about COVID-19 and there are no concrete pieces of evidence that it can affect pets. However, you shouldn’t take the risk.

Experts are monitoring everything and it would be wise to wait for them to say it’s safe before going anywhere near your pet. The fact that a pet dog in Hong Kong tested positive for COVID-19 should convince you to stay away from your furry friends until this nightmare is over.

If you really have to interact with your pet, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly and have a face mask on. Don’t kiss it or let yourself be licked. Once you’re done, wash your hands once more.

If you’re confirmed to have the coronavirus, stay in isolation. Wait for any decision by healthcare providers on whether you need to be taken elsewhere. This would likely be the case if the risk of infecting others is high. In the meantime, you must prepare for the possibility of isolating yourself or anyone in the family.



Home Quarantine Survival Kit

Going on a voluntary or even involuntary quarantine is not fun, to say the least. But with how fast the coronavirus is spreading across the globe, it is something everyone should certainly consider. It’s certainly one action the government can force on its people. As Britain’s Department of health stressed, people infected by the coronavirus can be forcibly quarantined. Before the doors are closed, though, make sure you have everything you’ll need to survive being quarantined.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that most mandatory quarantines right now last for at least 14 days. That’s how long COVID-19 symptom — fever, cough, and shortness of breath — may appear after exposure. That means you need at least two weeks of supplies. A true prepper knows to store more than that.

Americans evacuated from the Hubei Province in China were quarantined for two weeks before they were allowed to go home. The American passengers of the Diamond Princess, a cruise ship with almost 300 confirmed cases of coronaviruses, were also evacuated and are quarantined as of this writing.

If you feel sick or was exposed to someone exhibiting the symptoms, it would be wise to confine yourself to the safety of your home immediately. Stay in one room if there are other people in the house.

To make your voluntary quarantine a lot more bearable, make sure you have every item in the survival kit below.



The most basic and most important things to have in your home quarantine emergency kit or any other survival kit for that matter is food and water. Simply put, you will not survive without the two.

Stockpile non-perishable food items such as canned goods, meat jerky, dried fruits and vegetables, grains, nuts, pasta, crackers, energy bars, and MREs. These are just some of the foods preppers love to keep in their pantry mainly because of their long shelf life.

In case you got the symptoms, you’ll want hot soup to make you feel better. Stock up on canned or ready-to-sip soups like Campbell’s Well Yes! Sipping Soup Vegetable Soup On The Go.

Of course, you can also fill your freezer with fresh meat and your pantry with fresh produce for some decent meals while you’re quarantined. However, if the quarantine goes longer than expected, you’ll be better off with non-perishable foods.

Legacy Food Storage’s Premium 240 Serving Package comes with a 25-year shelf life. The package includes 80 breakfasts and 160 lunch or dinner entrees. Each meal is packed in airtight sealed Mylar pouches.


Water and Other Fluids

Some people prefer not to drink tap water. They will need to stockpile drinking water to survive being quarantined. Start off with at least two weeks’ worth of clean water. Each person needs at least one gallon per day. That’s 14 gallons for each person. This should include water needed for other tasks aside from drinking.

Aside from bottled water, you should also have water purification tablets and a water filtration system like the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter. You should also be capable of sterilizing water in other ways including boiling water.

In emergency situations, you can’t always depend on the water grid. In some areas in the country, there’s no clean water available. There’s also the possibility of a societal breakdown if the coronavirus wipes out half the population or turns them into zombies. In such worst case scenarios, you’ll be one of the first to go if you don’t have enough supply of clean water.

Aside from drinking water to keep you from dehydrating anytime soon, you also need water for cooking, hygiene, flushing the toilet, and putting out fire. Fill large containers with water you need for emergencies. Just to be clear, this is not just a tip for surviving quarantine. You should be doing this coronavirus or not.

Sports drinks with electrolytes like Gatorade and Powerade are also beneficial to someone who’s sick. The electrolytes are necessary help you rehydrate when you’re sick or after rigorous exercise. Key Nutrients Electrolyte Recovery Plus Lemonade Replenishment Drink provides 12 different vitamins and minerals your body needs to recover. The plant-based powdered drink also doesn’t contain sugar, caffeine, calories, and carbs.



Hygiene Kit

Talk about being hygienic, you’re best course of action to survive the coronavirus is to keep yourself and your surroundings disinfected. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water. Use alcohol or alcohol-based hand sanitizers that are 60 to 90 percent alcohol to keep your hands free of the virus.

If you don’t have alcohol-based hand sanitizers, you should act quickly to replenish your stash. It’s quite difficult to get them right now. Fortunately, Amazon has its own product, which, at this moment, can be pre-ordered as stocks will be available real soon.

The Solimo Hand Sanitizer which counts 70% ethyl alcohol as in main active ingredient. That means it has antiseptic properties capable of killing the virus along with 99.99 percent of other germs and bacteria.

Use anti-bacterial wipes to clean your hands and disinfect surfaces around the house. Get the ones with alcohol so they’d be effective against the coronavirus. Purell Hand Sanitizing Wipes comes with an alcohol formula making it capable of fighting off the coronavirus. Plus, it’s fragrance-free so people who doesn’t like the smell of alcohol can use it. Well, they really have no choice.

Since you won’t be going out for some time, might as well stock up on toilet paper, tissue, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, mouthwash, and other items you need to stay fresh and clean. Hoard cleaning items like laundry detergent, dishwashing soap, and garbage bags. Make sure to dispose of potentially infectious items like used face masks properly. It’s bad enough that you’re confined to your home but that doesn’t mean you can be a slob.


Medicines and First Aid Kit

The COVID-19 has no cure yet. There have been some advances in research but the actual cure has yet to be found. The only thing you can do if you are infected is treat the symptoms and hope that your body’s immune system is strong enough.

Make sure you have cough medications and pain relievers in your medicine cabinet. You’ll need these to provide relief as your body tries its darndest best to recover from the coronavirus. Stockpile medicines for headaches, fever, and diarrhea, as well. You’ll also need lots of drinks with electrolytes as previously discussed.

If you or anyone else in the family has any existing medical conditions, be sure to have enough of the prescribed medications in case you can’t go out to buy more. A one-month supply of prescription drugs should be enough but more is better.

In the event of a pandemic, hospitals and medical professionals will be pretty busy. It’ll also be risky to go out to seek help. If the medical emergency is common or simple enough, you can probably do first aid and see if further assistance is necessary.

You’ll need a first aid kit, of course. Make sure you have everything you’ll need to treat different kinds of medical emergencies such as sore throat, allergies, burns, scratches, cuts, eye injuries, sprains, broken bones and bullet wounds.

Rapid Care wall-mounted first aid cabinets are made for homes, offices, and job sites. Their ANSI and OSHA compliant kits contain hundreds of first aid items that can cater to more than a hundred people. The 3-shelf 800-piece first aid cabinet, for example, is enough for 150 people.

Aside from the cough medicines, some of the basic first aid items you’ll need for a coronavirus infection include a thermometer to check if you have a fever and face masks to avoid infection or to prevent spreading whatever virus you have.

There’s been some debate whether regular face masks are really effective against the coronavirus. U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams made it pretty clear in a tweet, however, that face masks “are NOT effective in preventing general public from catching coronavirus.”

“Seriously people — STOP BUYING MASKS!” Adams said via Twitter. He added that healthcare providers caring for the victims need them more and that the panic buying public is “put[ting] them and our communities at risk.”

The World Health Organization also stressed that those caring for a patient suspected of being infected with the coronavirus are the ones who need these face masks the most. They also noted that people who are coughing and sneezing can also wear a mask.

In that regard, you can still purchase face masks. Just be vigilant. Some sellers are price gouging now that the demand for face masks is high.

Use your masks only when necessary. If you suspect yourself of being infected and exhibit symptoms such as coughing, you should wear a mask. The person in charge of looking after you during your quarantine should also wear one.


Special Needs

It’s not just you that you have to think of when you decide to self-quarantine or if the government decides it for you. Think about the particular needs of the rest of your family.

If you have an infant, you should definitely stockpile on formula or baby food and other basic needs such as diaper. Pregnant women also have particular needs so don’t forget to hoard them. You also have to stock up on feminine care products.

For the elderly, make sure to stock up on their medications, favorite food, and other items you think they’ll need. Stock pile pet food and other needs of your animal friends. Don’t forget your cat litter if you live with felines.

As a reminder, though, stay away from your pets as much as possible until it’s been proven that they cannot be truly infected by the coronavirus.



It’s not only your physical health that’s on line when an epidemic is sweeping the country. Once you are cut off from the rest of the world or even from your family, your mental health is also at risk.

One of the most immediate effects of being quarantined is boredom. Rapunzel tried everything she can think of to entertain herself while she was kept in her tower. She made do with chores, reading two books or three, painting, playing the guitar, knitting, cooking, puzzles, darts, baking, and, of course, brushing her hair.

Even with those any things to do, Rapunzel still got sad and longed to leave the tower. Imagine how you would feel if you were quarantined with nothing much to do but wait things out.

Make sure you have stuff to do to keep you from going crazy and help you survive being quarantined at home. In Wuhan, those in quarantine are finding ways to pass the time. Despite the severity and gloominess of the situation, those in quarantine are doing lion dances, playing quoits, fishing in an aquarium or fish tank, and other fun activities.

Most preppers recommend packing a deck of playing cards or other forms of entertainment like a book in your bug out bag. Get yourself this deck with survival tips printed on each card. You can pass away the time playing solitaire while also learning how to survive 52 different emergencies such as a shark attack, airplane crash, or a zombie apocalypse.

When you have children, you should also bring their favorite toy or a small board game to help them get their minds off the emergency.


Other Tips to Survive Being Quarantined

Quarantined Away From Home

Talk about a vacation gone wrong. Tourists that were unfortunate enough to have shared breathing space with someone infected by the coronavirus were quarantined. Perhaps one of the worst cases is that of the Diamond Princess cruise ship. Suffice to say, their dream vacation instantly turned into a nightmare.

Now that we know this could happen, we should be prepared for the possibility of being quarantined whenever we visit different places or countries.


Work From Home

Not everyone can afford to miss a day at work or school because of illness. While this is a huge no-no because of the risk of infection, it just can’t be helped. The earnings lost for the day leaves a huge dent on a family’s ability to spend or pay for their bills.

With the coronavirus, however, it would be wiser to confine yourself and your family for the time-being. If possible, make arrangements with your employer on how you can still do your work from home. This is possible if you have an office job, which can be done online.


Replenish Supplies

In case you’re supplies run out and you still need to stay at home, you can order what you need online. There are lots of online stores that are willing to brave the spreading COVID-19 just to help you out and earn money in the process.


Important Documents

Make printed and electronic copies of your health records so doctors can check them out in case you come down with the coronavirus. This will help them treat you more thoroughly.


With the rate the COVID-19 is spreading all over the world, it’s definitely important to know what you can do to not get infected. Since staying away from other people is one of the best ways to avoid the coronavirus, it’s vital that you know how to survive being quarantined. Follow us on Gentleman Pirate Club to stay updated on the ways you can protect yourself from the dreaded coronavirus as well as other emergency scenarios.