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You’re one of the lucky ones if you reside somewhere near the beach. You can take a dip in the ocean anytime you want or just hang out by the beach and get a tan while getting lost in a book. For the unfortunate ones, they still have to travel quite a distance just to get to the beach. To make sure you have a hassle-free and fun-filled Memorial Day weekend beach getaway, you have to plan everything thoroughly.

Start off with where to go. Expect the beaches to be filled during the weekend as many people will likely have the same idea as you, especially given how hot it has been lately.


Safety First

If you’re going on a long drive for your Memorial Day weekend beach getaway, you need to make sure your vehicle is in tiptop shape. Have it checked by a mechanic days before the trip. This gives you time to have it repaired in case something’s not right. Also, make sure your tires are in good condition.

Check the route you’re taking. You should know where the gasoline stations are as well as the food stops and hotels. Ideally, you should have a tank full of gas before you leave but it’s still better to know where you can gas up along the way.

Inform someone back home of your Memorial Day weekend beach getaway. Someone should be aware where you are going and when you are expected back. This way, they will know to check on you if you’re not home yet. You should always text or message a relative or close friend of your whereabouts during the trip.

Car Emergency Kit

Pack an emergency kit. Every vehicle should have one. Make sure you have the basic car tools such as ratchets, sockets, wrenches, pliers, wire cutter, screwdrivers, a tire ring, and car jack. You’ll also need a pump, tire pressure gauge, jumper cables, car battery charger, and tow strap. There should also be an early warning device, flashlight and extra batteries, lantern, duct tape, multi-tool, glass breaker, seatbelt cutter, utility gloves, window scraper, shovel and a fire extinguisher. Of course, you should check if the spare tire is still there before boarding your car.

Aside from the emergency items for your vehicle, your kit should also include bottled water, energy bars and other non-perishable snacks, blankets, Mylar blankets, poncho, fire starter and tinder, compass, GPS navigation device, maps, whistle, signal mirror, phone charger, power bank,  two-way radio, weather radio, and a first aid kit, among other things.

Here is a more comprehensive car emergency kit checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything.


Beach Gear

You’re all set for the drive to the beach. All you need now is to pack your gear for your Memorial Day weekend beach getaway.


Beach Bag

Of course you’ll need a travel beach bag to pack all your stuff. You can pack some of your things in the car but you’ll still need a spacious bag to carry your stuff from the car to your room or to the beach, if you’re camping.


Beach Umbrella

You won’t be putting your beach umbrella in a bag but you will want to bring one to your Memorial Day weekend beach getaway. Use your each umbrella during the times you prefer not to be directly under the sun.



This one depends on your Memorial Day weekend beach getaway plans. If you booked a hotel, you don’t really have to bring a tent. Unless you have little children with you and you want them to stay in a tent when things get too hot. If you want to stay as close to nature as possible, you can bring a tent and set camp right on the beach, as long as it is allowed.


Beach Towel

It’s not a great feeling to have sand in your swimsuit. Avoid lying down directly on the hot sand by bringing a beach towel.


Folding Chair

For the times you don’t want to lie down but want to stay comfortable, use a beach chair. Make sure you get one that has a mesh flap or pouch for your book and phone along with a cup holder for your cold drink.



You’ll need a cooler or ice chest to keep your sodas and beers cold. You can go with the traditional cooler where you need to fill it with ice. A better option is a portable refrigerator since you don’t need ice to enjoy a cold drink and to keep your perishables fresh. Check this out to know more about portable refrigerators.


Portable Grill

Thanks to your cooler or portable refrigerator, you can bring some meat to grill once you get to the beach. You’ll need a portable grill to do that. Of course, you’ll need other items needed to prepare, cook and eat your meals. Don’t forget your plates and utensils, tong or spatula, match, charcoal (or gas), skewers (for kebabs), and a wire brush to clean your grill after. Bring trash bags, as well.



Your skin needs protection from the harmful effects of the sun. Always wear sunscreen whenever you’re going out. The need doubles when you’re on a Memorial Day weekend beach getaway. Wear sunscreen with SPF 30 or SPF 50 for best results.


For Entertainment

Spending your day at the beach should be entertaining enough. Some people, however, are not quite content just sitting around and enjoying the view. Bring stuff you can do if you wish to avoid getting bored such as a book, board games, Frisbee, music, volleyball, beach ball, and others. If you have small children with you, bring their favorite toys.


Beach Attire

You don’t wear pants and long-sleeved shirts to the beach unless you’re in a beach wedding. Some of the common beach attire includes swimsuits or trunks, board shorts, sando, floral polo and shirts. Women will want to bring a cover up as well as a dress.

Other items you should bring on your Memorial Day weekend beach getaway are a pair of sunglasses to keep your eyes safe, wide-brimmed hat, flip flops, and aqua shoes.

A Memorial Day weekend beach getaway is definitely a great way to spend the holiday. You must not forget, however, why there is such a federal holiday. Memorial Day celebrates the men and women of the United States Armed Forces who sacrificed their lives for the country. Maybe you can pass by memorials or cemeteries to pay your respects and give honor to the fallen. Visit The Gentleman Pirate to read more on the different ways you can celebrate such a holiday in the country.

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