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In a previous post, we discussed about the necessary gear you need to survive a zombie apocalypse though we didn’t dwell that much on one hot topic – zombie weapons. This time, all eyes are on the different kinds of weapons that are most effective in killing the undead.

As what have been taught us by movies, TV shows, and even comic books, you can only permanently put a zombie down by going for its head, particularly its brain. In some versions, you should go for the frontal lobe or the brain stem to kill it. Others require complete dismemberment.

Generally, you can smash, stab or shoot the zombie dead. It doesn’t really matter how as long as you aim for the head and destroy the brain.

Close Combat Zombie Weapons

Blunt weapons

It’s quite difficult to fracture a skull to cause extensive damage to the brain unless you use heavy melee weapons. Otherwise, you may need to hit zombies repeatedly until their dead. Just remember to hit them on the weaker parts of the skull such as the eyes, ears, sides of the head and on the crux of the neck.


As the name implies, these zombie weapons are great for bashing the head. A bludgeon can actually be anything that is strong enough to withstand repeated blows.


In medieval times, wars were fought with scary looking and brutal weapons. A mace is one of those weapons. It may be difficult to get your hands on a mace when the dead walk the earth. But if you do, keep it just for its mere badassness.

Police baton

humourous 1 pair Riot Stick T-type T-shaped T-stick

humourous 1 pair Riot Stick T-type T-shaped T-stick

A police baton or nightstick is used by the authorities to incapacitate a violent offender. That will not happen with the undead. It will still come after you even if you hit it on the head. You’ll need to hit it repeatedly to kill it. This lightweight zombie weapon is more useful in keeping walkers at bay until you make a quick escape.


A functional utility bar or FuBar is a popular zombie weapon of choice among enthusiasts. Part of its appeal is its durability. A FuBar is made of forged steel so there’s no worry of it breaking. It’s also a multi-purpose zombie weapon. You can use it for prying, splitting, bending boards, and of course, killing the undead.

Bladed or Edged Weapons


Among all close combat zombie weapons in this list, perhaps the axe or hatchet is the most deadly. Invest on an awesome tactical axe made from durable materials so you can keep smashing zombie heads without worrying if the handle or the blade will break.


As badass as Michonne looks slashing those zombie heads off, katanas are not really the best weapons during a zombie apocalypse. Don’t get me wrong, katanas can be effective if you’re dealing with a few of the undead. But when you’re facing a crowd, the single-edged katana may be at a disadvantage.

What’s great with this zombie weapon is that it’s light so it’s not really a burden to carry. Plus, it’s fast to use and gives you a little distance between you and a biter.


Another popular zombie weapon, the machete has been used for ages by warriors, especially in jungle warfare.


If a zombie gets too close and you don’t have pistol to shoot its head off, your best chance of survival is sticking a knife through its head.

Ice picks

If you’re an old school kind of guy (or gal) who prefer chipping off little pieces from a block of ice for your drink, then you have the option of using an ice pick to kill zombies. An ice pick is similar to a knife as they’re both great for really close combat.



Guns are great zombie weapons, especially rifles. You can kill a zombie without getting too close to it. If you have some training, you can likely kill one with just one shot to the head. The main problem with firearms is that ammunition is limited. Unless, you have a Eugene who can DIY bullets, then you shouldn’t just depend on guns.


Shotguns have its pros and cons. It’s a great weapon to have when you’re defending your home from intruders. When it comes to the undead, it’s a better idea to use this zombie weapon only when there’s no other choice.

Shotguns can blow zombie heads to smithereens. However, it makes a loud noise that may attract other zombies. In other words, for every zombie you kill, there’s a chance that more will come after you. Also, it takes time to reload a shotgun, which gives the walkers an advantage. On the other hand, when you’re out of bullets, you can use it to bludgeon zombies.


A handgun is a good zombie weapon for a number of reasons. It’s light enough to carry anywhere. You can aim and fire it easily even if you’re in a tight place.

Alternative/Improvised Weapons


A titanium crowbar is a better zombie weapon than a steel one. It’s lighter yet strong enough to crack a zombie skull. You can also use the tips to stab the undead through the eyes.

Baseball bats

The most recent season of The Walking Dead put the baseball bat on a pedestal. Negan’s Lucille, aka the bat with the barbed wire, quickly became one of the most iconic zombie weapons ever. Even without the barbed wire, a baseball bat is an effective weapon because it’s light enough to swing quickly but forceful enough to bash a zombie head in.


The Walking Dead fan favorite Tyreese’s zombie weapon of choice is a hammer. A hammer is easy to swing but is a lot shorter than a bat so it’s good for close combat. The metal part makes it easier to crack a zombie skull. You can also use it to zombie-proof your shelter.

Cricket bats

If you’ve seen Simon Pegg’s Shaun of the Dead, you know cricket bats make a badass zombie weapon. Cricket bats are made of wood, though, so there’s a chance it might break after too many hits.

Pipe wrench

Like the hammer, a pipe wrench is made of sturdy stuff, easy to swing (though a bit heavier), and great for close combat. What makes it a nice tool to have is that it gets a number of other tasks done.

Nail gun

In the anime cult classic High School of the Dead, one of the characters used a nail gun to kill zombies and get to safety. In real life, it would be difficult to aim for the head. But maybe if you practice starting now, you can become a nail gun marksman in time for the coming of the undead.

We haven’t even scratched the surface with regards to the different zombie weapons you can use when SHTF. Other favorite weapons in films and other media we failed to mention here include the long bow, chain saw and the crossbow. If you have other zombie weapons in mind, feel free to share in the comment section.